Importance of Spoken English Learning in the Corporate World

The U.S. is a global power, so learning to speak with an American accent natively will not only help you advance in positions of leadership, but it will likely grant you the opportunity to travel the world and visit new places, too! This infographic has some amazing information on how becoming proficient and well-versed in spoken English could be extremely beneficial for your business as well as your personal life!

This article provides a lot of useful insights into what it takes to improve your skills as well as the marketability of a good accent. The tips and advice from this article also provide tips on how to practice every day to become more proficient.

Have you ever thought about how important it is for you to speak American English? Are you a current student or have a job that requires speaking English? Have you noticed the rise of international companies in the United States? These articles reveal helpful advice on how to improve your skills and become more competitive in the job market.

These articles are informative because they compare and contrast accents around the world. Although much of this information is general, it still provides useful insight into other languages so it can be used as a reference. For example, this article reveals that Spanish words always end in R, or that Spanish pronounces the letter H like a soft H.

These articles focus on three different linguists’ – Aronoff, Goldstein, and Brown – views on the importance of knowing a second language for children. The first article uses definitions from these linguists to explain what a bilingual is, as well as explain the importance of having a second language for children. The second one examines how being bilingual correlates with intelligence and how being multilingual can help you have a better memory. Lastly, it is important to note that learning another language at an early age can provide many other benefits such as promoting mental flexibility and developing an understanding of your own language more fully.

Online Spoken English Course

“Language learning is relevant for all sectors of the population. Adults can help the younger generation to develop an interest in something that can open so many doors for them.” Learning a second language will not only give you a competitive edge in life, but it can also lead to higher paying jobs, “The United States is a leader because people here speak more than one language. The ability to operate in another culture is already a big advantage in business.”

This article gives great insight into the hiring process at many companies. It describes how hiring managers have differing opinions on whether or not they need workers who speak other languages and if they should be screened for their proficiency level when interviewing.

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